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Adapt Solutions SPEEDY LIFT

Adapt Solutions' SPEEDY-LIFT is designed to fit into most minivans on the market. It is unparalleled in speed, precision and ease and is an ideal solution for someone looking to simplify their vehicle access. The SPEEDY-LIFT can be paired with the XL-SEAT motorized transfer board, making it an ideal application for wheelchair drivers.

Simply push the "in" button and the rest is done for you. The lift picks up the wheelchair and tucks it into place behind the driver seat. In most cases, only one seat is removed from the inside of the vehicle.

The SPEEDY-LIFT is easily installed into the second row seat mounts with no structural modifications to your vehicle. It can easily be removed to return the vehicle to its original condition without affecting the resale value.


  • Simply back your wheelchair up to the SPEEDY-LIFT
  • Push the "in" button
  • Messenger Party Lady Champagne Purse Handbag Clutch Rhinestone Champagne Bag Bridal Evening Women JAGENIE Watch as the SPEEDY-LIFT does everything else for you
  • The compact design takes up very little space. You can keep the use of up to 6 seats and therefore enjoy plenty of room!


  • Maximum capacity: 275 lb.
  • Transfer board size 15 3/4” x 17”
  • Lowers to the height of the rocker panel (floor of the vehicle) and can be stopped at any height, according to your needs
  • Seat covered with vinyl surface and slight cushioning for easy transfer

Download the Speedy Lift Brochure.

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Evening Women Champagne Clutch Purse Bag JAGENIE Bridal Lady Handbag Messenger Rhinestone Champagne Party R0xn1qgp
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